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How It Works:

■ All logos will be sold once. Full price as shown. Logos will no be for sale ever again.

■ Original art by Berome Apparel Designs (www.Facebook.com/BeromeAD)

■ You will be responsible for the Trademark

    Copy + Paste the following link on your browser for more information:   https://www.uspto.gov/trademark/trademark-fee-information

■ Shipping Fee is the same as processing fee, this includes adding the name of your company and make necessary changes. 

  Unlimited revisions. If you want extreme additional changes an extra charge will be applied. (Extra charge may vary between $10.00 - $18.00) 

■ You will receive the logo in a JPEG format (high-resolution). If you need  additional formats such as PDF, TIFF, PNG, etc. there's no extra charge. You will have 30 days from your purchase date to request it. 

■ When you pay for the logo, you will be receiving a confirmation to your email. Please respond back if you need any changes.

■ Once you pay it in full - there's no refunds. 

■ Please allow us between 24-48 hours to send you the original logo without our watermark and any other changes you might request.

■ If there's any discrepancy, please email us immediately. 


 If you have any question, please send us an email to:

Order.Info@BeromeApparelDesigns.com or click on "Contact Us" 

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